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What is supplier audits?

Published by ADAYOLIGHTING 2023-01-23
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Supplier audits are the performance evaluation of existing suppliers and annual quality system audit is an important part of the supplier management process, which is based on the completion of the supply market research and analysis, the initial screening of potential suppliers have been done on the basis of the possible development of suppliers.


Supplier quality system audits are an important aspect of supplier audits. As quality management occupies a special and important position in business management, companies tend to list supplier quality system audits separately or, if required, as part of supplier audits together with supplier audits.


Supplier audits are a means of improving supplier quality capabilities, stabilising supplier relationships and reducing procurement risks and costs. With the continuous development of the socialisation of production, the division of labour in business activities is becoming more and more detailed and specialised, and how to manage suppliers well has always been the focus of the company's quality management. For many long-term suppliers, it is always the company's goal to pay attention to customers and related parties and to improve the quality of goods.


F-S client conducts annual audit of ADAYOLIGHTING

On 21 January 2022, as a supplier for 7 years, F-S customer conducted the annual supplier audit to our company, the audit revolved around the following issues and rated various aspects such as quality system, production process and quality requirements.


1. "Are the F-S quality / legal requirements incl. measuring / assessment tool defined, communicated and understood (target value, reference sample, tolerance, limit value, tolerance limit samples etc.)?

2. "Is the supplier informed about the application of the product at F-S / customer, including the consequences in case of nonconformity?

3. "Have the failures and failure classifications been defined by F-S and supplier and are the Technical Purchase Conditions signed?

4. "Has the supplier’s quality performance been assessed and will corrective actions be implemented in case of nonconformity of the requirements?


Questions to the supplier

Part A Product Development Process

A1. Realisation of the process development

A1.1 "What kind of product and process changes were necessary due to requirements by F-S?

Which process parameters are critical for the FEILO SYLVANIA product?

Has product and process been changed after effective confirmation and approval as required?

A1.2 "Has there been a FMEA performed for these changes / critical process parameters, necessary actions taken and realised?

A1.3 "Have the impact and failure causes for the F-S critical features been determined?

A1.4 "Has the relation between machine- / process setting and the product been determined for F-S critical features?

A1.5 "Is the method of statistical process control or other methods for the adjustment of the process parameters and machine settings regarding the F-S critical features employed?

A1.6 "Does the specification for the series production also include measures of process control activities, product and process parameters and inspections plans which are critical for F-S?

A1.7 "Are all releases / verifications of suitability, which are necessary for the series production, available?

A1.8 "Are production and inspection documents available, complete and filed in one folder?

A1.9 "Are all necessary capacities available?


Part B     Series Production

B1. Subcontractor of the supplier / pre-material

B1.1 "Does the supplier guarantee that the subcontractors are approved and quality capable?  

B1.2 "Is the agreed quality of the bought-in parts guaranteed by incoming inspection (yes / no) or self inspection of the supplier?

B1.3 "Are there any target agreements agreed upon in written form and implemented with the subcontractor regarding a continuos improvement of products and processes?

B1.4 "Are the necessary approvals available and the necessary measures for improvement implemented for the supplied products / materials?

B1.5 "Are the procedures concerning provided pre-material met as agreed with F-S?

B1.6 "Are pre-materials / internal remaining quantities delivered and stored appropriately

B1.7 "Are the employees trained for the particular tasks? Is this training documented and audited by staff?



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B2.1 Employees / Qualification

B2.1.1 "Are there employees responsible and authorized for the production / process quality?

B2.1.2 "Are there employees responsible and authorised for the production facilities / production environment?


B2.2 Facilities, Equipment

B2.2.1 "Are the product-specific quality standards guaranteed by the available production facilities / tools?

B2.2.2 "Is an effective control (product quality plan) during the series production possible with the used measuring and inspection equipment?

B2.2.3 "Does the working and inspection places meet the requirements?

B2.2.4 "Are the relevant descriptions in the production and inspection documents completely listed and are they complied?

B2.2.5 "Are the tools, necessary for setting works, available?

B2.2.6 "Is there an approval of the production start and are the setting parameters and deviations recorded?

B2.2.7 "Are the necessary corrective actions realised on time and is the effectiveness examined?


B2.3Transport / handling of the parts / storage / packaging

B2.3.1 "Is the produced quantity in coordination with the customer requirement / specifications?

B2.3.2 "Are batch size and production process planned in such a way that a calculated forwarding of the products to the next production step is possible and a temporary storage of unfinished products can be avoided? Is MPS used?

B2.3.3 "Are products / components stored appropriately and is the transport / packaging equipment adjusted to the special characteristics of the products/components?  

B2.3.4 "Are rejects, reworked and equipment parts as well as internal remaining quantities thoroughly separated and marked?

B2.3.5 "Is the flow of material and parts hedged against mixing / mix-up and is the traceability guaranteed?


B2.4 Failure analysis, correction and improvement

B2.4.1 "Are the recorded quality and process data complete, analysable and analysed?

B2.4.2 "Is there a statistical evaluation of the quality and key process data (cp, cpk, x-R) resulting in improvement programs?

B2.4.3 "Is there an audit for the processes and products on a regular base? Are the audits planned? Are there unexpected / unannounced audits?

B2.4.4 "Are the products and processes subject to continuous improvement? Is there a written plan defining targets, due dates and responsibilities  

B2.4.5 "Are there objectives for product and process and is the compliance of the objectives controlled?


B3. Customer service, customer satisfaction

B3.1 "Are the customers’ requirements met upon delivery?

B3.2 "Is the customer service guaranteed?

B3.3 "Are the complaints responded immediately and is the supply of parts guaranteed?

B3.4 "Are failure analysis performed and improvement measures taken in case of deviations of quality requirements?



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With a final score of 80.8, we passed the annual audit of F-S. As a branded OEM/ODM led downlight manufacturer, we always focus on our customers and constantly improve our production process and quality management to provide quality products and services to our customers.




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