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Spend a relaxing day with ADAYO team

Published by ADAYOLIGHTING 2024-06-14
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On 18th May, our lighting manufacturer lighting department went to the famous Luofu Mountain and the Ecological Park to have an encounter with nature.


After busy work, we came to the vast scenic area and immersed in nature. Not only our body and mind are relaxed, but also improve the communication between colleagues. It was as if we were in a paradise outside the world, and we could not forget to come back.


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In the morning, we arrived at Luofu Mountain, a mysterious and magnificent peak, which towers over the clouds and is surrounded by clouds, just like a fairyland. Standing on the mountain to feel the spring breath that comes to us, a wide field of vision, the state of mind is gradually open, can be swept away the pent-up gas.


ADAYO lighting manufacturer led downlight


In the afternoon, we went to the Ecological Park. It was so relaxing and cozy with the close communication with animals, kayaking and camping. In the evening, as the rain pattered down, we sat in the tent, listening to the sound of the rain outside, watching our colleagues playing and barbecuing, and feeling the harmonious and relaxing atmosphere in our hearts, which made us forget about the worries of work and enjoy the happiness.


ADAYO lighting manufacturer led downlight


Group activities allow everyone to take some time out of their long and busy schedules and have a chance to relax, allowing everyone to have more communication and form more tacit understanding, which is the reward of our group activities.


Today is 20th May(520), which is also the "Lesser Fullness of Grain" of the 24 Chinese solar terms. The Chinese pronunciation of "520" is similar to "I love you". The "Lesser Fullness of Grain" also symbolizes prosperity, blooming, and so on, which is an important time to be grateful to nature and enjoy life. We wish all of us a happy and fulfilling life, spending every day in love!


ADAYO lighting manufacturer led downlight

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