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What are the best ways to arrange bedroom downlights?

Published by ADAYOLIGHTING 2024-02-22
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The lighting design in the bedroom is very important, and considering the comfort of the light in the bedroom, more and more people are no longer choosing the large main light design options, which are replaced by wall lights and led downlights. The led downlight is a relatively common way of designing auxiliary lighting in the bedroom.


ADAYO led downlights, recessed downlight fixture


1. Evenly distributed led downlights

Now more popular without the main light design, used in the bedroom inside is also possible, the entire ceiling are doing hanging flat ceiling, and then evenly distributed led downlights on the ceiling, so that the entire bedroom light more uniform and comfortable, illuminate each corner, the more dim dead corner, while not concentrated light seems harsh.


2. The bed above the even distribution of downlighting

In the bedroom, the placement of the bed is more central, if the bedroom as a whole are no main light downlighting design, can also be installed above the bed evenly distributed led downlights, so that the entire bedroom light is also concentrated in the bed area, but the corner location will not be dim, so that the space is more layered.


3. Bed a horizontal row of led downlights

In the case of light source designs such as light strips, a horizontal row of downlights is added to the bed side, the led downlight arrangement point avoids the bedside area, a row of downlights is placed in a relatively central position, the overall effect is also very bright and comfortable.


4. Around the ceiling mounted downlight

In the bedroom around the ceiling, and then the downlighters installed around the ceiling, the downlighters of light on the background wall, through the wall reflecting light to illuminate the bedroom, reflecting the light of the space effect, is also quite comfortable.


5. Around + middle led downlight combination

The basis of evenly installed led downlights around the bedroom, adding a slightly larger downlight in the middle, in the space without the main light, can bring a kind of primary and secondary space experience.


ADAYO led downlights, recessed downlight fixture


As a recessed downlight fixture, it is necessary to carry out the ceiling, and the height of the ceiling, but also according to the room height to determine, in general to install the downlight ceiling height of at least 10 cm. This may be a bit depressing for some users with low room heights, after the ceiling may be suspended. Of course there are also surface down light or track downlights, but the wiring for the downlight needs to be slotted and hidden. So to install downlights, you have to think about the ceiling.


When installing led downlights in a bedroom, it is recommended to make them zoned with multiple controls, meaning that the led downlights in a certain area are all independently controlled, which is more suitable for the needs of the bedroom. The last is not to install a downlight above the bed, when we lie on our backs, if there is a downlight right above will be more blinding, and suddenly turn on the light will disturb our rest. So don't install led downlights above the bed, this should be noted.

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